Refresh Chicago is taking Refresh on the road as part of the 2nd Annual Refresh Road Trip. We’d love for you to join us!


Over five days we are visiting five cities, giving talks and spending time with the local community of designers and developers.

  1. Refresh the Triangle

    American Underground
  2. Refresh DC

  3. PhillyJSDev

  4. New York Sass & Compass Meetup

    Pivotal Labs
  5. Cantina Sponsored Event



With everything we build we face constraints. We’ll discuss these constraints and how we can best leverage them to our benefit.

JC Grubbs

Check & Balance

In any product construction effort there are many processes: ideation and product definition, design, user testing, software engineering, operations, etc. Healthy product ecosystems employ checks and balances to ensure that good communication and coordination are occurring. In this talk we’ll explore some of the ways these constraints can be applied throughout a team to increase overall effectiveness and happiness.

Jon Buda

Design Your Way Out of a Hole Using Constraints

A blank slate can be an inimidating and overwhelming place to be when designing a new project. Setting constraints and boundaries can help you focus in on the most important aspects of a project, gain important clarity, and allows you to make decisions quicker and easier. Learn a few tricks to setting up your own constraints and how using them can help you push past design roadblocks.

Shay Howe

How Constraints Cultivate Growth

By setting constraints, we force ourselves to be more productive. They help us make decisions, creating focus around the problem we are trying to solve. They improve our consistency, which provides a better experience for our users. And they help us grow, a valuable asset in times of innovation. We’ll discuss constraints and ways we can embrace them.


Use the #refreshroadtrip hashtag to keep up to speed with the gang while they are on the road, following their progress each day. Please don’t hesitate to chime in either!


Without the help and support from the following organizations the Refresh Road Trip wouldn’t be possible. We truly cannot thank them enough!